Does extreme weather affect battery performance?

  • Comes with a port installed at home/work place or from a charging station. Time taken for a complete charge depends on the drive train capacity.
  • Innovative charging technology with the Quick2Charge charges the car completely in just 60 minutes
  • Bring the power of the sun to the car. You can now charge your car at the Sun2Car stations positioned across various cities.

How do I charge the car

Just plug in your vehicle’s charging cable into domestic socket (single phase)

How long does it take to charge the car?

To have 100% charge from 0, it takes 6-8 hours

How often do I charge the car?

Charging your car is based on your average distance travelled every day.
If you travel:
0 – 20 km : Once in 3 days
20 to 40 km : Once in 2 days
More than 40 km : Daily

What if I run out of charge while I am driving?

We advise you to pre plan your journey and get your e-vehicle charge prior departure to
have uninterrupted and smooth journey. Or stop at the nearest charging point and refill
your e-vehicle’s batteries

Like fuel stations around the city, Do we have charge points?

Charging points are available all around the Country. Their location information is available on our product websites